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Only eight days left of school! YIKES! Eight more days to sit in those classrooms I’ve lived in for four years, to eat in the cafeteria with my friends with whom I’ve eaten lunch for seven years.. and in just a couple weeks, it all goes away like poof. Then summer comes, the great unknown. It’s seriously like a huge black void looming on my calendar. May, June… black.

Was passiert, wenn es in ganz?

Ayayay, eventually I’m going to have to start writing on here!

It’s the tail end of my senior year in high school and my life has been so busy lately! I felt horrible about it, but today I skipped the first half of the school day to lay around and watch a movie with my sister. I needed the rest because it’s been weeks since I rested up. Reports, projects, photography, work, a week-long trip to the east coast (post about that coming soon)…

I wouldn’t have it any other way, though, because being busy means being around great people all the time (at least in my case it does). I love school and homework and writing and volunteering and working (well.. making money anyway). Sleep can and does go on the back burner more often than it should. But I have to keep reminding myself, only a few more weeks and then I’m done with high school forever!

Check it:

This is my new favorite picture. I don’t know why; I’ve never watched anything anime or ever liked it really. But I HEART this picture! It’s my desktop background.


She’s pretty 🙂

Hugs! Have a great day everyone!

That’s quite the break from blogging I’ve taken! Ridiculous, isn’t it? 😛

Letting blogging go lent me some spare time and took off quite a bit of stress for a while, but now I think I should come back to it. But not with such an emphasis on food. Actually, I’d love to just.. write on here. And perhaps have one meal per post?

Let’s start with this!


About a month ago I recieved a package in the mail from FFB (Fantastic Fellow Blogger!) Agnes ( Inside were some of the best – who am I kidding, the best! – raw goodies I’ve ever sampled! Starting at top left and going clockwise we have: a raw energy bar, raw apricot square (I think she made this herself?), a mini card, chocolate chili tea (to die for), raw chocolate balls, two loaves of essene bread (one rye, one raisin-rye), bio-mangoes; and in the middle: a box/keychain/pen set and some raw organic real chocolate!

It’s been a while since this package came so I’m a little late in saying this, but, THANK YOU AGNES!


Meal of the Day:

the Breakfast Cookie!


Almond butter- raisin flavored.


peanut butter flavored!


Blueberry-vanilla-almond flavored! with frothy coffee 🙂

Question of the Day: Writers, what inspires you to write? Were you born with the skill of words, or does it take practice, does your word muscle in your brain need exercise?