Hello, my name’s Kaila (formerly “Josie”) and I am a vegetarian. Well actually I switch back and forth between veganism and vegetarianism, but just to be safe.. I call myself a vegetarian 🙂

I have a history of restrictive dieting and weight loss along with other eating disorders which, in my opinion, was a big mistake. One day I want to be able to say “My food philosophy is to eat what I want and enjoy food!” but right now I’m just trying to figure all of this out.

I’m a Christian, first of all, and I also love school, friends, my family, sunny weather, small coffeehouses, big cities, yoga (and all forms of exercise) cooking for others, and taking photographs. I hope someday to buy a very nice camera specifically for the purpose of photographing food.

As much as I love food, I don’t wish to pursue a career in it. Right now I’m debating between these majors: 1) film production/theater, or 2) a European language, so that I can teach English in that country.

I want to put effort and love into the presentation and taste of the food I eat, and share it with my family, friends, and fellow bloggers. I hope to one day have a stellar relationship with food, and all of your blogs inspire me to do that. Thank you.

If you’d like to email me, my e-mail is

I hope you enjoy my blog!



3 Responses to "About"

Heyyy you! Just found the blog! Hooray for newbies! Can’t wait to read on! 🙂

I look forward to your posts – I am a former chef now working my way back from motherhood into food and trying to do it in a way that will be meaningful to society as well as for “family, friends, and fellow bloggers.” I’m also hoping for that perfect camera – had to stop using my old one when I got a new computer and didn’t have compatible software…. argh!

Thanks for commenting on our blog so I could find you! 🙂 Your blog looks fantastic. I just went vegetarian and now I’m obsessed with finding new ideas so I’ll DEFINITELY be back!

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