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Good day all! Here’s the 411 on my eats today:



Upon waking I ate this cold, juicy apple. It really helped to wake me up, even though I can’t understand why I was tired, since I had slept for 18 hours! Anyway, after I could think more clearly, I made my “main course:” banana cereal. Just two sliced bananas with some cinnamon and soymilk. It’s like cereal, only creamy rather than crunchy!


My breakfast having no protein whatsoever, I predictably got hungry again in a couple hours. So I made Breakfast #2. A wholegrain english muffin, toasted with Smart Balance, and a bowl of unsweetened all-natural applesauce. Again, lacking in protein, but I just wasn’t craving any this morning!


I then worked on some school projects I’ve been putting off all break, and also packaged some things for mailing. Driving home from the post office, I ate another apple. I figure you don’t need another pic because it looked exactly like the one I had eaten earlier.


Haha guess what- I took my first ever blogging picture in public!! I didn’t look around to see if anyone was watching, but I whipped out my camera and snapped this photo in the food court at the mall:


It wasn’t that hard after all! 😉 I didn’t feel embarassed at all. By the way, that’s a Havarti cheese and veggie sandwich on whole wheat. I ate half. I also munched on a big ol’ gingerbread molasses cookie for dessert. I’m sorry I forgot to take a picture; it was beautiful and delicious!

Want to see the greatest shirt in the world? It’s my Christmas present to myself 🙂 since I never- and I mean never– buy clothing.

Tokio Hotel!

Tokio Hotel!

Support the cause! Lol.


First, an apple. Then, my favorite thing ever:


Scrambled eggs with ketchup! To the eggs I sprinkled on some cayenne powder and cinnamon. Strange, but yummy combo! A spinach salad on the side:


So, counting the bowl of applesauce I had with my second breakfast today, I ate four apples today! Wow!

I’ll leave you all with a picture of a fabulous lunch I had a few days ago:


It’s mashed falafel + barbecue sauce, wrapped with some spinach in a spinach tortilla. Mmm!

Have an amazing day everyone!

Verse of the Day: “Man looks at outward appearance, but the Lord looks at the heart.” (I don’t recall the chapter/verse for this one, so if someone could let me know, that’d be great!)


In celebration of our almost-summer weather (yeah, right… I’m just excited that the snow melted!) I threw together a cereal bowl this morning for breakfast. Just some Total cereal, two small sliced bananas, and soymilk.


When lunch time rolled around I had my classic lunch: peanut butter and raspberry jam on whole wheat, with an apple on the side. This bread is very tough to chew, I prefer soft bread. But it was ok; peanut butter makes everything better! And the cold, crispy, sweet apple was heavenly.


AND I also made a “hot raw cocoa” that
invented! I blended up water, cocoa powder, vanilla extract, 1/2 tsp of peanut butter, and a little bit of honey (I’m out of agave nectar), then heated it in a saucepan until it was warm and frothy! It was so good! It was really rich and the peanut butter gave it a yummmy nuttiness. I’ll be making this again.


For a snack this evening I had a couple handfulls of garlic-roasted hazlenuts. They were eh. I think nuts should be paired with sweet, not savory, but whatevs. I was hungry so I ate ’em. 😛

Dinner time! Some serious yum eats here! Usually I don’t make elaborate dinners, but tonight I was feeling chef-like, so I made a mushroom/spinach omelet, rice (salt, cayenne, curry powder, sugar [less than 1/4 tsp]), and roasted carrots. Omnomnom!



Right now I’m sipping a tall glass of milk and I’ll probably have something for dessert later.

In other news…
I went to a concert in Portland 3 weeks ago to see Tokio Hotel (ROLL CALL: who loves Tokio Hotel?). Jingle Ball 2008- featuring The Veer Union, Jesse McCartney, and Tokio Hotel. It was the best day of my whole life! It was a very small concert, less than 300 people, and most of us were crowded in the front row, or so it seemed, haha. My sister and I were in the front row until people started getting too crazy (and it got crazy- one girl actually broke her leg!) so we moved toward the back. In this video, Bill is waving to my sister and me at 0:37 seconds. He’s waving because we were the only people in the back who were screaming and waving at him. Check it out!

(Forgot to add: This video wasn’t taken by me, but my sister and I were standing near the person who filmed it, so it works, haha!)



Because I’ve taken a break from the blogging community, cleared my head, and am ready to start blogging again (that is.. when my friend gives me my camera back ;))


Because, a couple months ago, I recieved

My first award! 😀 (awards)

From the very kind Brooke of
Simply Vegetarian
! And my dear friend Agnes of
Agnes’ World of Vegan Pleasures
! I love both of their blogs so much!

And from the lovely Virginia of Bananas and Soymilk, the Butterfly Award!! Being computer-ly challenged, I’m not sure how to post that particular picture on my blog. Yes, I really am computerly challenged.. I’m surprised I learned how to type! 😉

Again, a belated thank you for these awards. The rules are to send them to more people, but I just can’t choose! I send them to all bloggers!

I hope to see you all in time for Christmas! (In other words, I hope I have my camera back by then…)