I am a Garlic Lover

Posted on: February 10, 2009


My new fave- Almond butter oats! Seriously, I think I’ve eaten half of the huuge jar already! Into this breakfast bowl of goodness went 1/2 cup oats, water, vanilla extract (the key ingredient, other than ab of course!), and 1/4 cup raisins. Holy Yum! So creamy and nutty and delicious.



While I was preparing lunch: I snacked on a medium apple, and the last (tear!) bottle of POM.


Okay, I know this wrap looks good, but I tell you it tasted even better than it looks! Atop a whole wheat wrap is piled hummus (with additions, keep reading!), tomato, plain sauteed tofu strips, and spinach.


The hummus I buy comes with a little tray of mix-ins, including: roasted red pepper, roasted pine nuts, “garlic lover’s” (minced garlic), and a cilantro & herb blend.  So far I’ve tried all but the cilantro blend, which I will leave for my mom to consume, since I am not a cilantro fan. Today I mixed in some garlic lover’s and roasted pine nuts, and ohmygoodness the flavor was unbelieveable. Along with the distinct taste of garlic was this unidentifiable yummy flavor, probably from the pine nuts. Everything paired so well with the crispy tofu, I just can’t say enough about this lunch.

Have you all seen Fay’s artwork? I think it’s so cool she’s rediscovering old talents. Speaking of which… I’ve done a bit of the same lately. A couple weeks ago I saw a picture on my sister’s wall that I really wanted to draw for her.. too bad I couldn’t draw, aside from a few scribbles I’d done a couple years ago. But I wanted to recreate that picture for her so badly that I literally got down on my knees and prayed to God for the ability to draw. Ridiculous, right? Well, not really; here is my very first drawing ever:


Since then, I can’t stop drawing, and I don’t want to! Here are a couple more:



And of course I have to give credit to my best friend (We’ll call her Mindy, because she probably doesn’t want her name posted on my blog) for drawing these beauties:



Their names are Larry and Betsy. Haha, I love Mindy’s sense of humor.

The moral of the story: don’t let anyone ever tell you that prayer doesn’t work.


7 Responses to "I am a Garlic Lover"

I love garlic and hummus too! the go really well together. have you tried sun-dried tomato hummus?

Almond-butter oats + garlic + hummus = ALL HOLY YUM!!

Drawings are awesome! And oh yes to tofu!



And OH YESSSSS , ALMOND BUTTER IS FABULOUS!!! And if you’ll ever have the possibility to try HAZELNUT BUTTER ,GIVE IT A TRY FOR SURE,YOU’ll LOOOOVE it too!!!!!! =DDDDD

your wrap…looks sooo yummy-licious!! I looove big sandwiches/wrap-sammies ….=D mmmm creamy hummus!! =D

Your drawings….Josie,the look absolutely amazzzing!! You’re talented,really,try to draw more and more =DD!! I like them a lot!!! tHEY LOOK SOO INTERESTING really really! ! =D

Well,I’ll write you an email in a few minutes again =))
I’ve just finished my new post ufff and in an hour I’m having a two hour Polish session again . .. =( ahh awful school…!!

Ok,soooo hope to hear from you soon and see you soon on my blog =D


YAAYYYYY! Josie this post MADE MY DAY (and its only 9am). I LOVE that you challenged the self deprecating voices in your head saying you couldn’t draw and actually DREW! And you are damn good! I’m so glad you’re enjoying it too.. The third one is my fave, are they all from photographs or are any from real life? I always draw from photographs because I take too long for people to sit still hahaha. oh my love. you rock! 🙂 i can not wait to see more!!! xxxx

You are so talented, Josie! And your friend’s Larry and Betsy are funny! 🙂

your drawings are amazing really!
but mindy’s surpass anything i have ever seen before

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