I’m a Nut

Posted on: January 29, 2009


First off let me apologize for the terrible picture! It’s so messy but I promise it was o’ so tasty!


1/2 cup oats, cooked with water, with half a banana, some cinnamon, and a tablespoon of peanut butter. The classic pb&b brekkie.


Who has tried Campbell’s V8 soups? If you haven’t, you must! They’re splendid! For lunch today I had the Butternut Squash flavor, which was superb, perfectly spiced, better than any b-nut soup I’ve ever tasted! And to top it off, only 300 calories in the entire carton! Yes, I did in fact consume the entire carton, hence the title of this post. 🙂

On the side, a toasted whole wheat, double fiber English muffin with one Laughing Cow light garlic & herb cheese wedge, and also some steamed swiss chard! Yumm.. I ❤ green food!




Was very colorful! A Boca patty with ketchup, and on the side, sweet potato fries, with their own puddle of ketchup!


The fries were seasoned different than they normally are. Since I couldn’t find the regular salt, I used garlic salt. And to intensify the flavor, some cumin and curry powder. These spices could just faintly be tasted, and didn’t overpower the flavor of the potato or the sweetness of the ketchup!

I hope you all had a great day!
For the rest of my evening I’ll be doing homework.. what’s new? 😀

Verse of the Day: “I will refresh the weary and satisfy the faint.” Jeremiah 31:25


5 Responses to "I’m a Nut"

I love butternut squash soup, and I usually buy Trader Joe’s. But maybe I’ll have to look for the V8 stuff. And yum, sweet potato fries! The spice combo sounds great.

SWEET POTATOES!!! I had one yesterday too 🙂

Sweet potato fries, yum yum yum! Love your eats!

Oh, I’ve seen those V8 soups, but I still have to chow down through other soups before I stock up on some more. Lately though, I haven’t been wanting soups, even though it is the best thing to warm you up in this cold weather!

The soup does look yummy! I love sweet potato fries!!

Hahaha I love the ketchup on your burg! I like how it went off into a pile for the sweet potato fries!

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