Cheese Please!

Posted on: January 6, 2009

I woke up early this morning and got ready for school only to find out we had a late start today! It snowed a little last night but I didn’t expect a school delay. Rather than going back to bed, I decided to just make breakfast and spend my morning reading.



Scrambled eggs w/ soymilk and cinnamon (tasted like french toast batter!) and a sliced banana sprinkled with some more cinnamon. Also a mug of green tea with soymilk.

I spent my morning relaxing and reading, and also cooked tonight’s dinner. Before leaving for school I had a mozzarella cheese stick as a snacky:


Not the prettiest thing to look at, I agree ;). But it’s yummyy!


For school, I packed a peanut butter sandwich on whole wheat with a side of some baby carrots. I plated it up all nice and pretty for you to see before sealing it into plastic bags!


Yum, peanut butter!

Dare I tell you of my afternoon snack? Seriously, I think I’m going to turn into a giant peanut.


Sure is pretty, isn’t it? I love glass plates.


For dinner I warmed up the soup I made this morning: creamy curry celery soup! Simply sautee garlic + onions in some olive oil, add spices (red pepper, black pepper, salt, curry powder), milk, water, and veggies (celery, carrots, red bell pepper, parsley), and boil until the veggies are soft. Then puree in a blender and cook for a while until the soup reduces down and thickens. Voila! Note: the more curry powder, the better 😀


What you see on the side is some amazing cheesy heaven, I tell you. When I was a kid we used to have broiled open-faced cheese sandwiches all the time! Except I used to eat it with a pickle on top…strange.



Mmmmm! So totally satisfied with my eats today! For the rest of the evening I plan on working on multiple reports/projects/papers.. sitting at my desk in my new room! My house has an extra room that we used as a tv/hang out room for years.. but since my bedroom was so small… and that room was so big… well… haha! Basically I took over! It was funny to see the look on my sister’s face when she found me randomly hauling furniture across the house last night!

Verse of the Day: “There is no remembrance of former things; neither shall there be any remembrance of things that are to come with those that shall come after.” Ecclesiastes 1:11


6 Responses to "Cheese Please!"

Loooove your PB-apple snack!! Holy yum.

Hooray for the new room!!

Good luck with your assignments!!

Thanks VeggieGirl! 😀

But if you turn into a giant peanut, how will you be able to type and keep up your blog? Nooo!! 🙂

Enjoy your new room!!

Hey hey my dear Friend!!

Josie,I’m sooooo happy you’re back in blogworld!! =DD
I hope you’ll be happy and pleased by keeping up your blog from now on..!! I belive you will FIND YOUR PLACE HERE and THERE =D

PEANUT BUTTER…yumm….=D never fails….=DD

That’s great to hear bout your new room =)) You deserve it =D

And I wish you lots of luck!!!!!!!!!! Positive vibrations and thoughts to you!! =DD


Yay string cheese!

Yummm that soup, I strongly agree with your curry statement, the more the better 🙂 And apples + pb is deliciousness as well!

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