Yummy Day!

Posted on: January 4, 2009


peanut butter & banana porridge


Like the photography? 😀



The end points of a whole wheat loaf, two slices of cheese, some spinach, and ketchup!

With lunch, I had a beautiful assortment of fruit to choose from:


I chose a Golden Delicious apple:




Whole wheat English muffin, loads of hummus, two veggie breakfast sausages, and a salad with grape tomatoes 🙂

Now I’m drinking a huge glass of fat free milk. See you all tomorrow!


4 Responses to "Yummy Day!"

Holy yum!! 😀

The heels of the bread are the best part! I’ve never had an English muffin, yours looks so yummy I might make some this week!

your sandwich looks delicious! yum hummus and faux sausage sounds like a great pair! haha i love the bananas. we always have our ripe bunch and green bunch too.

Any day that starts with pb and banana is yummy indeed!

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