Great Eats, Great Memories

Posted on: December 28, 2008

In celebration of our almost-summer weather (yeah, right… I’m just excited that the snow melted!) I threw together a cereal bowl this morning for breakfast. Just some Total cereal, two small sliced bananas, and soymilk.


When lunch time rolled around I had my classic lunch: peanut butter and raspberry jam on whole wheat, with an apple on the side. This bread is very tough to chew, I prefer soft bread. But it was ok; peanut butter makes everything better! And the cold, crispy, sweet apple was heavenly.


AND I also made a “hot raw cocoa” that
invented! I blended up water, cocoa powder, vanilla extract, 1/2 tsp of peanut butter, and a little bit of honey (I’m out of agave nectar), then heated it in a saucepan until it was warm and frothy! It was so good! It was really rich and the peanut butter gave it a yummmy nuttiness. I’ll be making this again.


For a snack this evening I had a couple handfulls of garlic-roasted hazlenuts. They were eh. I think nuts should be paired with sweet, not savory, but whatevs. I was hungry so I ate ’em. 😛

Dinner time! Some serious yum eats here! Usually I don’t make elaborate dinners, but tonight I was feeling chef-like, so I made a mushroom/spinach omelet, rice (salt, cayenne, curry powder, sugar [less than 1/4 tsp]), and roasted carrots. Omnomnom!



Right now I’m sipping a tall glass of milk and I’ll probably have something for dessert later.

In other news…
I went to a concert in Portland 3 weeks ago to see Tokio Hotel (ROLL CALL: who loves Tokio Hotel?). Jingle Ball 2008- featuring The Veer Union, Jesse McCartney, and Tokio Hotel. It was the best day of my whole life! It was a very small concert, less than 300 people, and most of us were crowded in the front row, or so it seemed, haha. My sister and I were in the front row until people started getting too crazy (and it got crazy- one girl actually broke her leg!) so we moved toward the back. In this video, Bill is waving to my sister and me at 0:37 seconds. He’s waving because we were the only people in the back who were screaming and waving at him. Check it out!

(Forgot to add: This video wasn’t taken by me, but my sister and I were standing near the person who filmed it, so it works, haha!)


10 Responses to "Great Eats, Great Memories"

PB DOES make everything better – holy yum!!

I LOVE TOKYO HOTEL!!!! I’m obsessed with that song “Monsoon.” 😀

OMG, he TOTALLY waved at you.


He actually stopped and looked at you guys for a few seconds before he waved! How cool!!

The peanut buttery hot cocoa looks amazing!

-in creepy stalker voice-
i love tokio hotel so much… e____0
its insane -stops whispering creepishly-

-stands tall-
i’m the street team pres. yup yup 😛

i’m so glad you’re back to blogging! that video is kickass.

That’s awesome you got a wave! Your cocoa and your dinner look yum, curry=delicious.

Oh yeah for peanut butter!!! :o) Best stuff ever (besides chocolate, of course).

I think I’m old. I’ve not heard of Tokio Hotel. Where was the concert? My hometown!

I know guys, isn’t it so cool?! 😛

Erin- the concert was at the Barracuda club on Couch St.

simple yet delicious eats.. so glad you’re back!

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