A Continuation

Posted on: October 30, 2008

I never finished telling you what I had to eat yesterday, did I?

Afternoon Snack:

Can you guess what it is? Oh yeah, that’s right- CINNAMON APPLES! Some sweet apple slices simmered in water and seasoned with cinnamon, nutmeg, and cloves- FABULOUS!

Dinner was ‘et at my grandma/grandpa’s house: clamless chowder. I also had a fruit sorbet and might have possibly eaten a couple handfuls of white chocolate-covered almonds. Eh, it’s ok- I needed the protein! 😉

Breakfast (also at my Grandparents’) was reminiscent of my childhood. Seriously, how often nowadays do I eat scrambled eggs/toast for breakfast? Lunch, maybe, but never breakfast! No picture, sorry (my fam still doesn’t know about my blog). I had two pieces of toast with my scrambled eggs: one with red currant jam (sweeet!) and the other slathered with nanun berry jam. What’s nanun berry, you ask? It’s a wild berry native to Alaska that, when “jam-ified,” has the consistency of honey, with a flavor I can’t really describe! If you ever have the opportunity to try some, don’t turn it down!

Lunch was a Veggie Delight wrap from Subway. Provolone cheese, assorted veggies (including banana peppers, which I’d never tried before), and a squirt of vinegar. I also had a 16 oz. milk in a cute little milk carton!

Today’s Afternoon Snack:

A big glob of low-fat yogurt, topped with a sliced banana and cinnamon!


Amy’s bean burrito with a side of baby carrots. A simple meal, but I promise it was bursting with flavor! Amy has done it again!

I went back for seconds on the carrots:

Yawn. Goodnight!


9 Responses to "A Continuation"


Hey Girl!!!

Yeahh…those apples look CooL such treats =D

Jossie ,how’s it with our exchange…?? =)) Just asking =))

Well,hope you’re having a nice time!!

Pls visit me on my blog later on ok?? :))


i love amy’s burritos! and your cinnamon apples looks like a great snack, i’ll have to try that. i’ll also be searching for nanun berry jam. it sounds wonderful! you should post a picture!

Mmm that burrito looks amazing !

hi! i’m a new reader :] what’s in the amy’s bean burritos? (well other than the obvious bean haha) is that corn??…

agnes- I’ll e-mail you! 🙂

misstiffiei- black beans, kidney beans, corn, potatoes, and lots of spicy sauce!

amy’s meals NEVER disappoint! 🙂

amy’s food is AMAZING haha i can’t get over how addicted to her stuff i’ve become. your burrito looks great..i haven’t tried the burritos..but the shepards pie is soooo awesome. haha

YAY for easy and yummy Amy’s meals! I love their pocket pies!

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