Amazing Pictures, Amazing Food

Posted on: October 24, 2008

I am loving my new camera! It makes me focus more on food presentation, because I know it’ll be worth it! To show you all these beautiful pictures.


Oats! And cottage cheese!

With the peanut butter swirled in…


Lunch was a tomato, avocado, and Monterey Jack cheese sandwich on whole wheat, half an apple, and a baggie of carrots. No picture, sorry; I was in a huge hurry this morning.

After school I snacked on about 1/2 cup of plain, nonfat yogurt with another 1/2 cup of cheerios. I’m so glad I finally appreciate the taste of plain yogurt! The taste doesn’t repulse me anymore, and I finally understand what you guys mean when you say “creamy tartness.”

Then a couple hours later it was time for a smoothie. Totally Agnes-inspired! She always makes the most delicious-looking yet healthy smoothies! Mine consisted of a frozen banana, 3/4 cup or so of plain soymilk, 10 green grapes, and a big handful of parsley! I could smell how healthy this was!

For Dinner, I was planning to make potato-carrot soup, since I have an abundance of garden-fresh vegetables to use up, but I was too hungry and too tired to make it this particular night. (I did, however, manage to whip up some whole-wheat dinner rolls, which I will post about tomorrow!) Instead of soup, I microwaved a quick Kashi pocket bread sandwich

Beautiful, isn’t it? And so good! Has anyone else tried this? My favorite part was the roasted red pepper. Or maybe the bread…or the spices!

To make my meal more substantial (those sandwiches are surprisingly low in calories) I whipped up another healthy smoothie! This time, I added an extra handful of parsley and a couple baby carrots. I probably should have blended it longer; it was very chunky. Still good though!

I’m off! “See” you tomorrow!

Verse of the Day: “My soul finds rest in God alone; my salvation comes from Him.” Psalm 62:1


10 Responses to "Amazing Pictures, Amazing Food"

Your new camera takes great pictures! That pocket bread sandwich is calling my name!

i didn’t know kashi made sandwiches! it looks delicious! and your pictures look great 🙂

HEY HEY Girl!!!

Oh oh oh !!!!!!! I’m SOOO GLAD you tried my Parsley Smoothie Recipe =D yay!!!!!!!!!
Did you liked it ?? I hope you did!!!!!!! Cause it’s so delicious and it is a wonderful VITAMIN C BUST for this time of year!!! =DDDD
Definitely have it on a regular basis and you’ll stay away from viruses =D !!

Well….the Kashi pockets look great =D What kind of grain they’re made of..???

Hope to see you onmy todays post later in the day,,,:-DDD

Enjoy the day!!!!!!!!!!!

Woo hoo for green smoothies!!!

those kashi sammiches look so good!
i remember back in the day when i’d never heard of peanut butter oatmeal. i don’t know how i survived!

Oh yes, plain yogurt is the very best 🙂

Nice photos!

Carrots to a smoothie?? Now that’s a new one! I’ll have to remember that next time. Parsley too actually. Quite the brave smoothie additions, I gotta say!

I’m slowly but surely working on enjoying plain yogurt. It’s actually working out fairly decently. I’ve got a little ways to go with it yet still though 🙂

Mmm mmm, delicious day! I love those green smoothies you made, I’m just not brave enough to try that yet. I haven’t tried those Kashi sandwiches yet, but if they are anything like other Kashi products, then no doubt they are great!

Have a great weekend!

zing zingy zang!

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