Happy Birthday To Me!

Posted on: October 22, 2008

A quick post tonight as I’m off to my grandparents’ house.

I was devastated this morning when I realized I didn’t have enough time to cook my usual oatmeal. So instead, I threw together a cereal bowl:

It turned out to be a nice cold, crunchy change from my usual steamy oats.

For some extra protein, I elegantly plated up a cheese stick:

And only ate half. I ate the rest as a snack at school. Lunch, if you were wondering, was a peanut butter and banana sandwich on whole wheat. It never gets old!

After school I snacked on a peanut butter Clif bar:

And I just finished dinner. A can of Amy’s split pea soup, topped with the remaining Mushroom Gravy and a generous twist of black pepper. On the side, a whole wheat end-slice of toast with crumbled cheddar-cheese stick. 😛

Brooke, you are a genius!

And I leave you with…

A Few Of My Fa-vo-rite Things!

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8 Responses to "Happy Birthday To Me!"

HAPP BIRTHDAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The cereal still turned out deliciously; and I LOVE Breakfast at Tiffany’s!! 😀

Happy Birthdayyy!!

The Peanut Butter Cookbook?! AWESOME.

Have a super happy birthday, you sweet thing! 🙂

Thanks everybody! I had an awesome birthday.

i hope you had a wonderful birthday josie and all of your birthday wishes came true!!!

this is so funny, i had homemade split pea soup last night too! how creative of you to add the leftover gravy!

p.s. i’m going to search for that pb cookbook!

happy belated birthday! i love amy’s split pea soup, it’s so yummy, comforting, and filling!

I NEED a pb cookbook! amazing!

Happy Belated Birthday! 😮 A peanut butter cookbook. Yum.

hey! love the new pics. and ur bday presents. who got them for thou?

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