Do As The French Do, Part 2

Posted on: October 21, 2008

Hello all!

Before I bore you with my meals for the day 😉 I’d like to show you an amazing cup of coffee I had yesterday:

This picture was not altered in any way! It was simply that amazing.

Ok, on to today… Yesterday I had the pleasure of buying a pint of Ricotta cheese at the grocer! I’d never tried Ricotta before and was very surprised at the taste! Or rather…lack thereof. I expected it to be very pungent and to be honest, I didn’t think I’d like it much. To my surprise, it is in fact mild and super creamy! I had to run out of the kitchen to elude the temptation to eat it by the spoonfuls!

This morning my oatmeal was an experimentation, for sure. The basic mix was: oats, milk (real milk-not soy), flax, salt and pepper, and Ricotta cheese. After the first bite or so it finally registered that my bowl of breakfast tasted exactly like fettuccine alfredo! I’m guessing the ingredients in alfredo are similar? Although I don’t think there’s Ricotta cheese in traditional Alfredo. Anyway, I posted the recipe in my recipe section, you’ve gotta try it!

Because I had such a small portion of oats, I wanted to bolster up my meal with a little more substance. I settled on a lightly toasted slice of whole wheat bread with Smart Balance:

Despite this substantial meal, I was hungry in a couple hours, and snacked on a cheese stick and half of an apple during school. (No picture.)

Lunch! I love lunch! Actually I love all meals. Here’s mine, before I packed it up:

Plus the rest of the banana and a huuge baggy of carrots (didn’t even finish it)!

After school I snacked on a super-dense, peanutty Clif bar. How can these be healthy? They’re just too good! 😉


My poor omni-sister frequently complains of the lack of “substance” (aka meat) prepared in this house; as a result I finally gave in a cooked her some chicken tonight. Alongside I made Brooke’sMushroom Gravy, which turned out to be restaurant-quality delicious, in every sense of the word! I poured half of the gravy over my sister’s portion of chicken, and for myself slathered some on a piece of toast.

The other slice is topped with fresh, local tomato slices, low-fat cottage cheese, and black pepper.

Sorry, I have no pictures, but this afternoon I finally baked PUMPKIN BREAD! I baked a loaf a couple weeks ago, but forgot the baking soda, so it didn’t turn out right. But this time it was mmmmmm delicious! It definitely helped that I “accidentally” used pumpkin pie filling rather than pumpkin puree!

If you’ve reached the end of my post I commend you! Haha. Have a great night everyone.

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6 Responses to "Do As The French Do, Part 2"

That coffee is a work of art!!

Fabulous eats!! Especially your lunch – a favorite of mine! 😀


pb and banana is awesome! i just had that for lunch yesterday…grilled! yum!

That coffee looks too good for words! No pictures of the pumpkin bread? *whining and stomping like a spoiled child* 🙂

LOL that’s a new oatmeal combo for sure!

Hey hey !!!

Interesting ideas here ..:)) And the coffee photo is really artistic =D
Well…can’t go wrong with a PB sandwich hah 😀

I’m looking forward to our exchange yay 😀

Well..I’d be So HAPPY for a comment on my new post 😀
Hope for your visit 😀

Enjoy the night 😀

josie i am so flattered you made the mushroom gravy! (and glad you enjoyed it!) i bet its delicious on a sandwich!

your coffee looks so professional! and i love your lunch, pb&b and pb&j are so classic and always taste great.

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