Bar Review: Clif Zbar

Posted on: October 7, 2008

Clif Zbar Chocolate Chip




Now, granted, I only had about two bites of the bar, since I split it with my sister, but those two bites were enough to convince me that it is possible to make a baked product actually taste like it was still in dough form. Not only that, but my skepticism regarding the quality of Clif ZBars has completely left the building. Chocolate chip cookie dough, anyone?

My blog has been begging for pictures lately. It looks so lonely, with only words. So I found this picture on the internet to cheer it up:

Mr. Banana Guy was found at No copywright infringement here! A thank you to whoever writes that blog or drew that picture!

I hope you all are having an amazing [though rainy…] October. Enjoy the fall treats!


12 Responses to "Bar Review: Clif Zbar"

Mr. Banana Guy does cheer it up! Great find!

Hahah Banana Guy!

I have yet to try a cliff bar! I want to, but they are usually like three/four dollars for one at the store. 😦

i agree, i love the chocolate chip. it really does taste like cookie dough! i think the brownie is dry, but the peanut butter is pretty good.

but now you need to try the spooky s’mores zbar! i had my first one today while i was in class and i died. i didn’t want it to end because it was so good! so i’m going to the co-op tomorrow to and stock up before they are gone!

You should def try the mini clif bars they are great to throw in greek yogurt for a nightime snack!

That’s my Dad’s favorite Clif bar flavor, haha!! 😀

Agreed, chocolate chip cookie dough= amazing.

hah nice..

Hahahahaha I have that same exact banana on my website!

And I couldn’t agree more about the deliciousness of the chocolate chip z bar (although I’m not too big on the too-sweet smores one). I love the chocolate brownie as well.

Sharon- really?? I but them for about 89 cents. Try buying them in bulk, they’re a lot cheaper that way.

yeah i think so too. and its just a joke between me and shelbi

nice banana ;P

i’m not a big fan of bars! but i do like lunas.

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