What Are YOUR Favorite Vegetables?

Posted on: October 1, 2008

I need to incorporate some vegetables into my diet. What are your favorite vegetables and ways to cook them?


8 Responses to "What Are YOUR Favorite Vegetables?"

ooooh oooh ooh oh!

Oh gosh, I have too many favorites!

But grilled veggies are always nice:

As is mashed cauliflower:

Or stir fries!!!

There are tons more links on my blog to veggie-filled recipes, but I’m sure other people will give you better ideas, so I’ll stop bugging you for now ;o)

I love to steam, sauté, or roast broccoli, cauliflower, kale, swiss chard, spinach, carrots, sweet potatoes, onions, spaghetti squash, brussels sprouts…. the list goes on! 🙂

Roasted veggies. Any veggies. Mmm roasted veggie wrap! Now you made me hungry! 🙂

i eat steamed veggies almost every day at lunch! usually cauliflower or broccoli, drizzled with a bit of flax oil and seasoned with garlic/seasoned salt. or, i saute veggies in bragg’s and different seasonings.

My favorite way to eat vegetables is oven roasted (fall/winter) and grilled (spring/summer).

My mother also makes german red cabbage in the fall months which is a family favorite. Boiled red cabbage, water, apple cider vinegar, granny smith apple diced, brown sugar, earth balance and berry perserves.

I love roasted cauliflower with olive oil + sea salt + cracked black pepper + additional favorite seasoning (parmesan, cumin, curry, etc) @ 425 for 20-30 minutes.

Mashed root vegetables (on the stove, similar to mashed potatoes) or roasted root vegetables (carrotes, rutabegga, turnips, sweet potatoes, etc) which is also a favorite of mine in the fall.

Baked sweet potatoes with brown sugar or maple syrup and earth balance. Plain baking potatoes and add fun toppings! I looove

Winter squash baked in the oven (earth balance, brown sugar, nutmeg) An all-time favorite!

I also love sliced zucchini sauteed with olive oil and topped with vegan parmesan. Simple, delicious.

And regarding the portobello burger, it does not taste like a burger but it is defnitely ”meaty” in texture and has a wonderful flavor. Trust me, I do not think you would not be dissapointed!

Also, I would looove to try molasses bread! I love baking breads in the fall, and I love anything mollasses. But I can’t seem to find the link?

link mwahhh i liked duuu

Baked sweet potato fries with cinnamon/cayenne/s&p/canola oil! mm

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