Thanks A Lot, Weather

Posted on: September 18, 2008

As has begun to happen to many of us, the cold weather is making me sick. I knew as soon as I walked outside this morning what a gloomy day it was going to be. This is our first official “cold” day in months! Just yesterday it was sweltering! Can you believe it?

This morning I woke up not as hungry as I thought I’d be, considering I went to bed basically starving last night. I whipped up a bowl of banana oats with oats, vanilla soymilk (we now have chocolate, also! How cool is that?), peanut butter, and flax. I cooked this all on the stove and then topped it all with a sliced banana. Mmm, the warmth was very comforting. However, the vanilla flavor from the soymilk combined with the peanut butter made for some flavor clashings that my taste buds didn’t agree with at all. I think I’ll stick with plain soymilk from now on.

This breakfast was remarkably similar to one I had a few days ago, but forgot to post about:

Same formula, more cinnamon and made with plain soymilk.

Then there was lunch, which included a sandwich (sweet multigrain bread, hummus, avocado, black pepper, Romaine, and mushrooms), some baby carrots and cherry tomatoes, and my Clif Zbar. I ate the Zbar before lunch because I was starving.

Bar Review: Clif Zbar Chocolate Brownie

It does not taste like a brownie. In fact, when I first bit into it, I thought it was stale and flavorless. A disappointment, because I love bars so much, but this one failed to impress me. Next time I’ll try the chocolate chip flavor. Hopefully those taste like cookie dough, as I’ve heard they do.

Here’s a picture of my sandwich from lunch a few days ago:

Thanks to my amazing (note the sarcasm) camera, my picture of today’s sandwich has disappeared. Oh well.

This is the first day I’ve had all week to relax. I plan on hunkering down to some studying later, but for the mean time, I’ll be reading blogs, drinking tea, and possibly food shopping this afternoon! Enjoy your afternoon everyone!


6 Responses to "Thanks A Lot, Weather"

ur my vegalicous misses.
fraulein 😉

du erschrickst mich, schwester.

vegalicious def def..
vegalicious def def..
vegalicous definition
make them boys go loco 🙂

Thanks for leaving such a nice comment on my blog! Your fabulous sandwich is making me so hungry! Perfect for lunch time!

Isn’t it funny how two different flavors like the vanilla soy milk and the peanut butter can taste great separate, but they aren’t good when combined? My husband always teases me because I love strawberries and I love chocolate, but chocolate covered strawberries just aren’t my thing! Weird! 🙂

Hope your weekend has been fully relaxing!! 🙂

Thanks for visiting my blog.. glad you can relate with the PB i purchased some almond butter today which might be like the 6th jar i have on hand right now hahah… Smart balance is great when you bake potaoes and top it with that or marinate it before baking!

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