Posted on: September 10, 2008

Lunch today was a simple peanut butter and raspberry preserves (sugar free! Oh yeah!) sandwich, and a sliced peach. Then when I got home: cb & pb: corn bread and peanut butter! Seriously, this snack is so light and refreshing. The bread doesn’t weigh you down like most bread does, but instead seems to dissolve into nothing yet still energize you! I also had an apple, not pictured, though it was so pretty and shiny from all that wax on it!

Tofu scrambles are So. Simple. For months I’ve been avoiding them thinking, “how?” Well, it’s simple. You take marinated tofu and squish it in between your fingers until it looks like scrambled eggs! Haha, forgive me if that’s not the actual way to do it, but boy was it fun!

I used some leftover uncooked teriyaki tofu, and mixed it with some bright green broccoli, and a sauteed clove of garlic. Then I cooked it all sort of like a pancake, then when each side had browned, I scrambled it all up! Added some curry powder, salt, cayenne, and pepper..mmm.

Those carrots were on their last legs, poor things. I’ve neglected them.

Hmm..what will I have for dessert?


2 Responses to "Squish"

Your lunch sounds great – yum!!

I’ve never eaten tofu scramble before – probably the only vegan who hasn’t, haha 😉

I think you’re right, VeggieGirl- it’s time to try one 😉

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