A Twist On the Usual

Posted on: September 4, 2008

After work I went to coffee with my mom and sister. Here’s what my sister ordered, I call it a “poopy snow” (forgive the dirty language). It seriously looked like what I call it, though. The whipped cream on the top slowly melted and combined with the dark gray/brown coffee…yeah. You get the picture.

Afterwards we came home and ate lunch! I made..get this.. a carrot and peanut butter sandwich! A friend suggested it and I was very skeptical as to how it might turn out but it was surprisingly fine! Not only did the carrot lend a nice crunch and coolness to the sandwich, but it’s also a delectable way to bulk up a sandwich without loading up on the calories! I had my sandwich with an ear of sweet corn, and an apple (not pictured).

Pre-gym I wolfed down a cheddar cheese stick. Man, I miss these things.

I’m off to make dinner, I wonder what it will be? There’s no tofu in the house, but there’s plenty of beans. Hmm…beans and avocado…we’ll see what I come up with!


2 Responses to "A Twist On the Usual"

haha i laughed when i saw this. so that’s whose been sneaking all the cheese sticks 🙂

definitely an interesting combo! I may have to try this for a change!!

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